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Frequently Asked Questions On Payday Loans

Thank you for looking at our FAQ's on what No Credit Check Payday Loans are and how they work. Is a Payday loan with no credit check right for you? we hope that these questions answer anything you have if bnot however please do not hesitate to contact us.

1) What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a short term finance option for when an unexpected expense has occured. Whether it be a car breaking down or an emergency repair or replacement. At no credit check payday loans we always pride ourselves on presenting your application to some of the best loan companies in the industry FREE OF CHARGE. We present your application through a secure environment to those londers who will be in touch directly.
Our service is provided to you FREE OF CHARGE, our service is paid for by the lenders even if you dont take the loan. we want to make sure your application is matched to the right lenders. We always want to make sure we are introducing responsible lending and our panel of lenders have been selected based upon a good pedegree of responsioble lending.

2) Is a payday loan suitable for me?

A no credit check payday loan is not suitable for everyone and a number of factors need to be considered before you take out a payday loan. We have a honourable team of lenders who will ensure you are able to pay the finance back without damaging your fiscal position. It is always advisable when thinking about extra finance that you speak with Citizens advice or another financial professional before taking out any additional credit.

3) Why no credit checks for a payday loan?

If you have a negative addition to your credit file making another search could be damaging.
It could effect your application for other products you may wish to apply for.
By using No Credit Check Payday Loans you will protect against any more credit searches on your file. This could reflect favourably on your credit history and help you not only get out of a short term situation and not reflect on your credit file.

4) How long do i get to payback the loan?

As the name suggests a no credit check payday loan is a short term loan solution designed to get you till your next payday. On average this will be a maximum of 1 days. some lenders may lend over a longer period of time however this is down to a lender on lender basis.
We can not guarantee that any lender will do this or the rates of interest that will be due.

5) Is my personal infomation secure?

We use Quddi to provide a secure application service to our panel of lenders, backed  by Comodo one of the worlds largest Anti Virus companies.
All our applications are encrypted and securely backed.

6) How quickly can I get the cash for my loan?

If your application is succesful it can be as soon as a few hours. How quickly depends on the accuracy of the information you have provided.
Most of our panel of lenders are quick movers and will look to get your cash to you within 24 hours.

7) What is no credit check payday loans role in my application?

Here at No Credit check Payday Loans we act as an introductory company introducing your application to a panel of lenders who will asses the application and you will be contacted directly by lenders who feel they best suit your needs.
it is always essential that you asses your finance before applying for loans.



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